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SOFTWARE: iec.control


iec.control - The highlights

iec.control is the ultimate, highly-sophisticated but easy-to-use software tool for all transient and PQF testing in the area of industrial electronics and telecom offering best benefit to its users. The continuously updated and extensive standards library is only one of these benefits.

The current version iec.control 7.1.5 offers:

  • Windows 7, Windows 8 (64Bit) and Windows 10 compatibility
  • Support of USB, RS 232, Ethernet and GPIB interfaces
  • Support of Ethernet and optical USB interfaces for NX series
  • Large and up-to-date library of basic, generic and product standards
  • Enhanced and highly flexible reporting capabilites
  • Up-to-date design and navigation
  • Intuitive operation
  • Support of NSG 1007 and NSG 2200-3 from TESEQ


Standard updates

New standards implemented in the 7.1.x release:

  • EN 50121-5 (2016-01)
  • EN 50130-4 (2015-04)
  • EN 50293 (2012-06)
  • EN 60335-1 (2012-10)
  • EN 60945 (2003-07)
  • EN 61326-2-4 (Edition 2, 2012-07)
  • EN 61326-3-1 (2008-11)
  • EN 61326-3-2 (2008-11)
  • EN 61543 (2006-06)
  • EN 61547 (2010-03)
  • EN 61800-3 (2012-09)
  • EN 62020 (2005-11)
  • EN 62052-11 (2003-11)
  • IEC 60065 (Edition 8, 2014 -06)
  • IEC 60669-2-1 (Edition 4.2, 2015-03)
  • IEC 60945 (Edition 4, 2002-08)
  • IEC 61000-6-5 (Edition 1, 2015-08)
  • IEC 61204-3 (Edition 3, 2016-10)
  • IEC 61326-1 (2012-07)
  • IEC 61850-3 (Edition 2, 2013-12)
  • Lloyd's Register (2013-07)
  • GL (Germanischer Lloyd) (2012)
  • SEMI F47-0706 (2006)
  • OMIL R046-1-2 (2012)
  • PSA B21 7112 (2015-09)

New Devices and Equipment implemented in the 7.1.x release:

  • EFT 500N8.3
  • OCS 500N6.20
  • VSS 500N6.20
  • VSS 500N15.3
  • NSG 2200-1
  • PCD 8 b-2-1500-400
  • PCD 6 s-2-1400-400

New Devices implemented in the 7.0.x release:

  • vsurge NX20
  • NSG 1007
  • NSG 2200-3

Standards implemented in the 6.0.x release:

  • BMW - GS95002-3 (2015-12)
  • DIN EN 55024 (2016-05)
  • DNVGL-CG-0339 (2015-11)
  • ETSI EN 300 386_V2.1.1 (2016-07)
  • Hyundai Kia ES96200-00 (Revision L, 2014-03)
  • Hyundai Kia ES96200-00 (Revision O, 2016-03)
  • IEC 60601-1-2 (Edition 4, 2014-02)
  • IEC 60947-2 (Edition 5, 2016-06)
  • IEC 61000-4-9 (Edition 2, 2016-07)
  • IEC 61000-4-10 (Edition 2, 2016-07)
  • IEC 61000-4-34 (Edition 1.1, 2009-11)
  • IEC 61000-6-1 (Edition 3, 2016-08)
  • IEC 61000-6-2 (Edition 3, 2016-08)
  • ITU-T K20 (2015-04)
  • ITU-T K21 (2015-04)
  • ITU-T K44 (A2, 2015-02)
  • ITU-T K45 (2015-04)


Most Convenient Software for Transient and PQF Testing

iec.control Standard SelectorZoom
iec.control supports the next generator simulators (NX-series, UCS 500 series) Surge and Telecom Surge simulators (VCS 500, VSS 500, CSS 500 and TSS 500 series) as well as Power Fail simulators (PFS 500 series).
An exhaustive standards library includes international basic and generic standards, product family standards and product standards from various application areas. Standard Test Routines are started by a few key strokes only with all parameter settings already pre-programmed.


User Defined Test Routines to cover individual Test Requirements

Standard Pulse WindowZoom
In the Standard Pulse window you can select the required test level as requested for the test. All relevant parameters are automatically set accordingly. User Defined Test routines are easily created and saved to the test files library. User Defined Test routines based on standard test routines can be created in the Special Mode from each standard pulse window. In this mode all parameters are open to be changed.


Program entire Test Sequences using the iec.control LinkFile Generator

LinkFile GeneratorZoom
Not only single tests, either user defined or based on standards, can be performed, but single Test routines can be linked together to form a complete test sequence. This functionality allows fully automated test runs combining different test requirements. Entire test installations can be integrated in one single test sequence. Minimum operator effort for maximum test results, easy and fast, reliable and reproducible.


Controller for External Measuring Equipment

Measuring Device SetupZoom
No matter if you want to verify the test pulse before conducting a test or to monitor the DUTs behaviour during test iec.control controls the external measuring device via GPIB bus. Very few remote control commands are required to set-up your instrument. iec.control will log the requested data, being numeric values or graphics, safe and keep it ready to be included in the test report. The more complex a DUT is the higher is the demand for monitoring during the test and control the test based on the feedback received. A test can be stopped at the point any malfunction occurs. Or if less severe iec.control will set a mark which indicates where the DUT failed to operate as expected.


Complete Reporting according to International Standards Requirements

iec.control ReportZoom
iec.control offers a complete test report of all tests perfomed as required by international standards.
The header includes all general data of the test (e.g atmospheric conditions etc.).
A summary of test results is given.
Test parameter settings and detailed test data (e.g. of an entire Surge test) are included. Graphics of the test pulses accomplish the parameter settings.
Recorded fail events are stated along with the comments entered by the operator.
The test data file can be automatically converted into Rich-Text-Format and post-processed with any software tool recognising rtf-format (e.g Microsoft Word).
Using respective mask files the test report can be arranged and printed out to comply with company specific requirements.


SOFTWARE: iec.control

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