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esd.control - The highlights

Why to use a software to perform ESD tests? Because it makes your life easier and helps to make tests more reliable and reproducible.

esd.control isn't just a remote control software. It helps you to set-up your test plan and test procedure, guides you through the test telling you which test point is now to be tested and creates a full and detailled report. Try what esd.control can do for you. You will like it.

The current version esd.control 5.1.0 offers:

  • Windows 7 and Windows 8 (64Bit) compatibility
  • Support of USB and optical USB interfaces
  • Library of actual basic and generic standards as well as product
    and product family standards
  • Supports the Bleed-Off function in the tripod test mode
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive creator for test plans and test procedures
  • Enhanced and highly flexible reporting capabilites
  • Up-to-date design and navigation
  • Intuitive operation




The ultimate ESD test software

esd.control is a high-sophisticated software tool that enlarges the outstanding features and capabilities of the EM TEST ESD testers to become an unreached ESD test facility.
The navigation is easy and configurable according to the user's profile by means of a password.
Help information is offerd to guide the user through the various steps of the functionality of the software.
esd.control is also used to update the firmware of the EM TEST ESD generators.


Where an ESD Test starts

Where an ESD Test startsZoom

Every ESD test starts with the specification of the test points and the test levels that shall be applied at each test point, complemented by the number of discharges and the polarity. A test note can be generated including graphics of the DUT. This test note can be printed out and is then used during test.
esd.control helps to define the test routine either based on an a standard test routine of an existing test routine or to create a new test routine following the test note.


Standards Library and Test Routine Manager

Standards Library and Test Routine ManagerZoom

esd.control includes a large library of various standards test routines. Apart from standard test routines you can create your own, specific test routines. They will be added to the already existing test routine data base.
esd.control is capable to manage an unlimited number of test routines in its data base.


Tripod Test Routine

Tripod Test RoutineZoom

esd.control offers a separate menu to set up and run tripod tests. The parameters can be defined manually or based on a standard test routine with different test levels including a voltage sweep function.


Prepared for Testing

Prepared for TestingZoom

Once the test routine is defined it is downloaded into ESD generator via the optical interface OptoLink. The ESD generator is now ready for the test. The test person is guided through the test as dito indicates the test point where the next discharges have to be applied. Hence ESD tests are now performed with highest possible reliability.
During test the ESD generator records all results and possible events (fail conditions etc.).


Test Reporting and Data Management

Test Reporting and Data ManagementZoom

All event information, along with the test results, are uploaded to esd.control after the test has been completed. The report can be generated adding some more information about the test set-up, test points and fail reports. The report can be printed using customer specific layout mask files.
All test-related data (test notes, test files, test data, test reports) are kept in the esd.control data base.


SOFTWARE: esd.control

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